Heidi Wells - Intuitive Life Coach

Fed up, stressed and struggling to make positive life changes?

How did you feel when you got up today? happy, inspired and revving to go? Or did you dream of how things could be different if only you were motivated, supported and guided?

Lost your confidence and self‐belief? negative thinking is probably to blame, happens to all of us!

Maybe everything is hunky dory at work or in your business but you wonder ‘work-life balance what on earth is that’?

Or, you fancy a job change but it just seems easier to stay where you are? Maybe easier in some ways, but blimey, how it affects your self-esteem and health if you are in the wrong job!

Perhaps you want a clear plan of ‘what the hell to do next’? Yep.. that’s where I come in!

You know, even taking the first step towards your goals has a huge impact on your everyday happiness and wellbeing. You feel energised and enthusiastic and your stress levels fall… at last you hear what intuition has been trying to tell you..
you are becoming aligned with your true self.

When you take the bull by the horns and say enough is enough you will be surprised how the universe conspires to help you….no, really it does!

Working with me changes lives…simple, effective & can be fun!

Whether you are stressed, overwhelmed, bored or unsatisfied with the status quo – change it.
Wow, life goes fast, there never seems time, but hey don’t wake up in years to come and say damn I wished I’d done that, been there, changed that job, dumped that man, lost that weight, been the happy, self‐assured and successful person I could have been…
..No regrets…that’s how you want to leave this mortal coil!

If you have ambitions, goals and desires you haven’t got round to yet, but deep down you know it’s time (as they say know there is no time like the present)… yes you’ve guessed it!

A compassionate kick up the ‘bu..’ truly works magic!

What if the only thing holding you back was you!

…and what if it was only a phone call away?

Let’s talk – 020 8894 7343

You will be pleased to know that all consultations include humour and laughter as well as your commitment! Heidi Wells – Intuitive Life Coach, Mindfulness Teacher & Mojo Mentor, Twickenham UK

Change is not as hard as you imagine – Love yourself – Invest in You